Monthly Archives: May 2011


Have those of a feather separated?  Parted?  Gone their own ways?

I guess it’s inevitable.

…hang in there…

If you fall, how long will it be before I hit the ground as well?

|| Eye Spy [or] Dragons?

I have an obsession with unusual eyes, I guess.

::Forward Motion::

Why does the future seem so close yet so far?


The perspective and expression make me smile. : )

Panninggg <3

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve done some serious panning. I got to work on it a bit today since I was babysitting some kids.  They were completely entertained by the camera, and willing ran back and forth across their yard and swung in their swings so I could capture a shot.  : )

& side note: I want a better lens.  These took _forever_ to capture.  And they’re not even perfect. : P


I like the color yellow.