Monthly Archives: June 2011


No caption is truly necessary.

Just read between the lines.


Who are you looking for?

You’re peering straight through me.

So, I know it’s not me.



We hit head on.

I’m still reeling from the blow;

And blinking to see if you’re still around.

Yet, I highly doubt it.



The fault is mine.

And the pleasure isn’t.

I’m sorry I’ll always remain imperfect.



Time is so fleeting.

Was that startling?

Regardless, I’m gone.

NFCFA Nationals 2011

One of the best times of my life.  The photographs only capture a sliver of the awesomenss, and I wish I took more.

::cracked:: [guest photo]

You can shatter my dreams.

But please don’t break my hopes.

[Photo credit goes to the incredible Caroline]


I see the gears in your mind spinning, the lights flashing, and the controls moving.
Yet I remain at a loss as to how to interpret your thoughts.

[Why must I remain confused?]


Describe it?

A dancing fairy is the most accurate comparison.


You’ve reached the peak.

Stay there as long as you can.