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It’s a shame that so many ignore the beauty of their own laughter.




Why are the pleasures which are the easiest to obtain…
…the easiest to forget?

Missions Coffee House&Open Mic

I took these photos a few weeks ago at the request of some friends [first time I’ve been asked to come and take pictures for somebody].

Our church was hosting a mission coffee house where multiple musicians and singers performed.

While the lack of light caused me to bump up my ISO all the way, I was able to get some really decent shots.

So yeah, enjoy. : )

[It’s late, but it’s coming.]

So, I haven’t posted yesterday’s picture yet.  And I probably won’t have time to post today’s.  In other words, this is just a short post to tell you that it’ll probably take a while to get the next few pictures up.

[So sorry to disappoint you. ; P ]

Hopefully all will be up by Sunday. : )