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[Day 4]

So, yes, this is late.  But I legitimately took these photos on the correct date.  I just didn’t upload them on time.  In other words, this still counts. ; )

ALSO,  _some_ people seem to think :coughmom&auntcough: that the last photos look like organs or something…  Well, I apologize if they looked like that to you as well, but they are most definitely mints. : P

Alright, photos.  I took these at night [no duh], and boosted up the aperture so I’d get rays of light off of the Christmas lights.  Shutter speed was 30 seconds.
[Photos SOOC]

[Day 3] & rather last minute, too

Totally forgot until later in the day, but I got my photos taken.  I’ve been wanting to draw something, but for some reason, I haven’t been really inspired to draw anything lately.  It’s rather frustrating, really.

Anywho, photos of the day.  I panned mints.  And I like the color red. : )


[[Le deuxième jour]]

So, the sun was going down and I realized I hadn’t done anything artistic today.  So I cleaned a mirror, dragged my younger brother outside [who happens to be taller than me now…how’d that happen, again?], and took a few shots.  The pictures kind of serve a double-purpose because my photography teacher is requiring portrait shots this week.  Except for the fact they all turned out a little bit dark because there was next to no available light, I liked how they turned out.  [All photos are SOOC]

And now I have to submit one of them for photography class.  Any preferences?

I love how you wouldn’t be able to tell ^that is a self-portrait unless I told you.  Like I just did. : P

It’s a New Year! [day numero uno]

Well, 2o11 has finally arrived.  It feels a bit surreal, but it’s here. Wow.

2o1o was an odd year.  It was the year of my first debate tournament in which I managed to get hooked into forensics and let it obsess my brain.  I developed new friendships and strengthened old ones.  I traveled to new places.

Yeah, this year was just something my already writing-inadequate brain can’t adequately describe on paper.

There are some things which I regret about the past year.  But I would never give it up for anything.

To all who helped bring color and laughter to this year, I thank you.
Thank you for sticking by me and encouraging me, even when I truly didn’t deserve it.

And NOW that I’ve finished with my cheesy little spiel, here are the first photos from my 365 challenge. : )

My brother got these funny straw glasses things for Christmas.  So of course I had to drag him outside for some pictures.

Have a wonderful New Year, everyone. ❤

[[The challenge // Let’s start this]]

Panning of Pencils

[[Caption: I panned pencils in art class. Fun stuff, no?]]

So last night at 11:30 PM, I decided I should go ahead and try to do a 365 day challenge.  Basically, my goal is to produce something artistic everyday for a whole year.  Knowing myself, I’m not sure as to if I’ll be able to complete it, but it’s worth a try. ; )

Most 365ers I know focus on photography, but I shall permit myself a little breathing room and allow any type of art that works for me [collages, graphics, paintings, and photography as well].

I’ll officially start on January 1st.  Until then, I’ll post a few pictures of what I’ve done in the past.

Wish me luck on this.  I have a feeling I’m going to need it.