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[Insert Title Here] [[For lack of anything better]]

Christmas has come and gone.  I hope yours was fabulous. : )  The 365 day challenge officially starts on New Year’s Day.  Let’s hope I can actually keep up with it.

Backlight again.  I love the texture in this, too.

Backlight~ [and guess!]

Yes, I’ve mentioned it multiple times, but I .heart. backlight.  It one of my favorite things in the world of photography.  Especially sunlight.  It always adds a lovely, warm feel.

Can you guess what it is?



{First Rays of Morning~

Going out of town really gives you the opportunity to take a lot of pictures you might not usually take at home.   I managed to get up early enough one morning to get some really beautiful light from the sunrise.  Perhaps sunrise/sunset beach scenes are a bit overdone, but I still love the colors and beauty from them. : )

Ah, backlight on the clouds. ❤

W'hello, bird.

I love the silhouette here.

|| Rays of Sun & Leaves of Fall

I love back-lit pictures, but I always seem to forget remember to go outside during sunrise and sunset.  Thankfully I remembered this time, and got this little beauty of a picture. : )

I narrowed the aperture a bit so I’d be able to get the sun’s rays instead of a blob of light.  Of course, it meant I had to slow down the shutter speed a bit too, so I was a little bit worried about camera shake since I was holding the leaf in my other hand.  But I like how it turned out in the end…even though it took _way_ too many shots to get there. : P