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Sometimes moving beyond the past takes longer than what feels comfortable.

In other words, I miss you.


Welcome to the present.

Say ‘hello’ to the future unknown.

We’re so glad you came.



Sometimes, you murmur that we just need to survive.

Instead, I’m screaming that we need to thrive.


Maybe it has meaning.

Maybe it doesn’t.

That doesn’t stop it from being fascinating.


I’m worried that…

…I won’t be around.
…I won’t be strong.
…I won’t be enough.


I haven’t decided if you build me up or if I’m standing alone.


Who are you looking for?

You’re peering straight through me.

So, I know it’s not me.



We hit head on.

I’m still reeling from the blow;

And blinking to see if you’re still around.

Yet, I highly doubt it.




Time is so fleeting.

Was that startling?

Regardless, I’m gone.

::cracked:: [guest photo]

You can shatter my dreams.

But please don’t break my hopes.

[Photo credit goes to the incredible Caroline]