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Sometimes, you murmur that we just need to survive.

Instead, I’m screaming that we need to thrive.


You can make the best of the sunset.

You can make the best of the ending.

You can can make the best of the finale.

So will you choose for the best?


Despite the struggles.

I am lavishly blessed.

All because an infant came to save the world.

Merry Christmas.


And peace be with you.



[I apologize for my hiatus.  I hope to continue posting in full force once more.]

View summer out of focus, and you might glimpse something warm and luscious.

I love strawberries.





.   .   .


::eye candy::

This makes me happy.  & bokeh is one of my most favorite things in the world. : )

[Oh] Brotherrrr

Mi madre wanted me to take some pictures of my bro.  Remember?  The guitar fanatic guy?  Yep.  So, I did.
[Oh, and he does play guitar like a beast: www.thatjohnnykid.com.  And I designed the website.  Jussayin’.]

Anywho, here are some snapshots of the mini-event.  Not my best work, but that’s fine, I guess.