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This apparition finds my thoughts so quickly.

And there are so many masks in front of me.

::soft focus::

Stop for a second.

Things are out of focus.

And I’m afraid if I blink, you’ll be gone.

::simply complex::

If I could interpret the meaning behind your actions,

If I could decode the reasoning behind your movement,

If I could discern the motives behind your steps,

I would be a genius.


Have those of a feather separated?  Parted?  Gone their own ways?

I guess it’s inevitable.

|| Eye Spy [or] Dragons?

I have an obsession with unusual eyes, I guess.


The perspective and expression make me smile. : )

Panninggg <3

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve done some serious panning. I got to work on it a bit today since I was babysitting some kids.  They were completely entertained by the camera, and willing ran back and forth across their yard and swung in their swings so I could capture a shot.  : )

& side note: I want a better lens.  These took _forever_ to capture.  And they’re not even perfect. : P