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The windows of your soul crystallize, and now I’m left trapped outside.


The perspective and expression make me smile. : )

[Oh] Brotherrrr

Mi madre wanted me to take some pictures of my bro.  Remember?  The guitar fanatic guy?  Yep.  So, I did.
[Oh, and he does play guitar like a beast: www.thatjohnnykid.com.  And I designed the website.  Jussayin’.]

Anywho, here are some snapshots of the mini-event.  Not my best work, but that’s fine, I guess.

Sisterrrr. : )) [Oh, and I’m back!]

Yeah, I’ve been gone about two weeks.  But I’m back now.  Hope you all missed me. ; )

I took a few photoshoots since last time I posted, so I’ll try to split it all up into individual posts.

First topic: My sister!  She’s so adorable.  She always runs to me saying, “MY BUDDY!” ❤

(Did I overexpose here? Yes. Do I like it anyway? Definitely. : ))

I like this too. : )

Sleepyhead. Hehe.