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Good morning, simple coziness.

That is all.


Violet crystallization gives me spasms of ecstasy.

::Halo of golden light::

One of my absolute favorites. SOOC.

This is admittedly one of my favorite pictures.  I adore the halo of sunlight surrounding the thistle.  The picture is a tad underexposed, but really, I quite like it for this picture because it gives a more mysterious, earthy look.  It took me much experimentation with my settings and a lot of hope that the wind wouldn’t cause blur to get this shot.

It makes me feel warm and happy. : )

{First Rays of Morning~

Going out of town really gives you the opportunity to take a lot of pictures you might not usually take at home.   I managed to get up early enough one morning to get some really beautiful light from the sunrise.  Perhaps sunrise/sunset beach scenes are a bit overdone, but I still love the colors and beauty from them. : )

Ah, backlight on the clouds. ❤

W'hello, bird.

I love the silhouette here.