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Welcome to the present.

Say ‘hello’ to the future unknown.

We’re so glad you came.



The stars do not create your values.

You set your values as guidelines to light your way.

So please, choose them wisely.

::in between::

There are chills outside.

& warmth inside.

We’re trapped in both worlds.


I’m worried that…

…I won’t be around.
…I won’t be strong.
…I won’t be enough.



Far enough to wish.

Close enough to sparkle.

Long Exposure/&/Turquoise

Along with beautiful light, I love long exposure pictures when I can get them.  This was taken around 9:30-ish PM.  I love the brilliant turquoise of the water.
: )

The Dark [K]night

I love playing with light.  A whole bunch.  This is one of my favorite experimentations with it.  I lit a candle, made my little brother put his Batman costume on, and placed him next to the light.  I had to set up my tripod for this one, since I was shooting at night.  Since it was rather dark out, I had to work with a slower shutter speed and pray that my brother wouldn’t move.  : P

Well, he did.  But I managed to get at least one really good picture before he lost his concentration.