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Maybe hope is closer than we thought.

But be ready for an illusion.

Panninggg <3

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve done some serious panning. I got to work on it a bit today since I was babysitting some kids.  They were completely entertained by the camera, and willing ran back and forth across their yard and swung in their swings so I could capture a shot.  : )

& side note: I want a better lens.  These took _forever_ to capture.  And they’re not even perfect. : P

|| [Light] Blue

Step [in]side the box.

My photography teacher is a creative genius.  She came up with this great idea to create a box of 10′ x 10′.  And I had to stand within this box, not move outside of it, and take pictures.

It was fun.  And I think I got some great results. : )

[[There and Back Again]]

Yes, I have emerged from the grave.

Actually, I haven’t quite revived yet.  In between a speech and debate tournament [in which my partner and I placed 4th!], college applications, and schoolwork, my free-time this week was more scarce than snow on the equator.

In other words, dear readers, I have failed to keep up my challenge.

I hoped it wouldn’t happen.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.

This does NOT mean that I haven’t taken quite a few pictures over the past week.  In fact, I have quite a few.  So I’ll dump them on you now. : )

I’ll keep on posting here frequently, but I doubt I’ll be able to continue the blog as an official 365 photoblog.  Or I could possibly strive to restart in February.  Hm, maybe I’ll do just that…

I tried another Christmas lights photo. && I like this one even more. : )

The absolutely fabulous Caroline (and her photos will leave you stunned, no joke)


I had fun with long exposure on our road. : ))

…and I like this too.

Panning. At about midnight. Because my creativity was drained.

[Day 3] & rather last minute, too

Totally forgot until later in the day, but I got my photos taken.  I’ve been wanting to draw something, but for some reason, I haven’t been really inspired to draw anything lately.  It’s rather frustrating, really.

Anywho, photos of the day.  I panned mints.  And I like the color red. : )


“Holy long exposure, Batman!”

[[Caption: Panning of my li’l hero]]

Probably my favorite abstract technique is panning.  Essentially, you set the camera to a longer shutter speed and spin, zoom, and/or move the camera to get a blurred, streaked look.  I love it.

One of the things that’s really fun [but ohmygosh, so hard] to do is move the camera at the same rate as your subject to make the subject sharp and the background blurred.

In this photo, my little brother was [not unusually] running around in his Robin costume.  So I decided to make him run back and forth for about a half hour.  This is the best result, and I’m rather pleased with it. : )

[[The challenge // Let’s start this]]

Panning of Pencils

[[Caption: I panned pencils in art class. Fun stuff, no?]]

So last night at 11:30 PM, I decided I should go ahead and try to do a 365 day challenge.  Basically, my goal is to produce something artistic everyday for a whole year.  Knowing myself, I’m not sure as to if I’ll be able to complete it, but it’s worth a try. ; )

Most 365ers I know focus on photography, but I shall permit myself a little breathing room and allow any type of art that works for me [collages, graphics, paintings, and photography as well].

I’ll officially start on January 1st.  Until then, I’ll post a few pictures of what I’ve done in the past.

Wish me luck on this.  I have a feeling I’m going to need it.