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You can make the best of the sunset.

You can make the best of the ending.

You can can make the best of the finale.

So will you choose for the best?



Oh, there’s definitely room for you in my heart.

I’m just not sure where to place you.



I guess you’ve left me now.

Thank you for the ride.

And the memories.

But I suppose it’s best that we both move on.



A smile.

A smirk.

A grin.

A lovely imp.


Violet crystallization gives me spasms of ecstasy.



[I apologize for my hiatus.  I hope to continue posting in full force once more.]

View summer out of focus, and you might glimpse something warm and luscious.

I love strawberries.



Far enough to wish.

Close enough to sparkle.



I laugh.

I cry.

I feel.

I am not a shadow.





.   .   .



No caption is truly necessary.

Just read between the lines.