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Sometimes moving beyond the past takes longer than what feels comfortable.

In other words, I miss you.


Welcome to the present.

Say ‘hello’ to the future unknown.

We’re so glad you came.



The stars do not create your values.

You set your values as guidelines to light your way.

So please, choose them wisely.


Sometimes, you murmur that we just need to survive.

Instead, I’m screaming that we need to thrive.


You can make the best of the sunset.

You can make the best of the ending.

You can can make the best of the finale.

So will you choose for the best?


Good morning, simple coziness.

That is all.


Maybe it has meaning.

Maybe it doesn’t.

That doesn’t stop it from being fascinating.


This apparition finds my thoughts so quickly.

And there are so many masks in front of me.



Maybe hope is closer than we thought.

But be ready for an illusion.


Despite the struggles.

I am lavishly blessed.

All because an infant came to save the world.

Merry Christmas.


And peace be with you.